Green Tomato Recipe

How to Prepare:
Select green, firm tomatoes. Cut into halves crosswise. Remove the seeds. Arrange tomatoes in glass, earthenware, enamel or porcelain containers. Pour enough brine solution (2 cups water and one cup salt) to cover tomatoes. Place weights over tomatoes(small clean stones or broken pieces of plates will serve the purpose) to prevemt them from floating. Let stand for two weeks, wipe mold as it appears on top (with a wet-cloth) daily, to prevent spoilage.
After two weeks wash the tomatoes in several changes of water. Pack in preserving jars.

1 cup native vinegar (at least 4% acidity) and
1 cup sugar

How to Cook:
Boil together and strain through a piece of cloth. Pour over tomatoes. Exhaust in boiling water until the temperature inside the jar is 70 degrees Celsius. Seal completely.

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