Fish Balls with Petsay Recipe

2 cups milk fish (Bangus)
3 tablespoonfuls chopped onion
4 tablespoofuls cornstarch
Green onions for garnish
1 egg beaten
Salt and pepper to taste
2 tablespoonfuls patis
2 cups petsay cut into one inch slices

How To Cook:
Remove the scales and all internal organs of the fish. Beat it lightly with blade of the bolo to loosen the bones. Cut it open from the back and wash well. Then scrape off the flesh, being careful not to include the small bones. Put the fish meat in a mixing bowl.
Prepare the fish stock by cooking the head, the big bone, and the skin in a sauce-pan, in 3 cups of water. Strain.
Add the chopped onion to the fish meat in the bowl. To the mixture, add the salt and pepper, egg, cornstarch and form into balls. Drop one by one into the bohling fish stock. When done, add the green onions cut into small rings, and the petsay. Cook two minutes longer. Season to taste with patis. Serve hot.

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